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Our consumables

“High performing with minimum consumption”


  • High performing food grade (FDA approved NSF-H1) conveyor lubricant for minimal (MicroDry®) lubrication purposes.
  • The lubricant is a full stable biodegradable dispersion, is water repellent and has a shelf life time exceeding 18 months.
  • On PET Air Conveyors it is considered as a coating because of the extreme low consumption and the specific method of application.
  • DLT-333® sustained stress cracking and migration tests on various types of plastic bottles.
  • DLT-333® is commonly supplied in 5 lit drums
  • DLT-333® is familiar at major key accounts as Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé Waters


  • High performing degreasing foaming agent for conveyor cleaning to remove spillages of food and beverages and oily substances.
  • The cleaning agent is biodegradable and compatible with commonly used materials used in the F&B industry.
  • CLA-252 is available in 22 Kg cannisters.
  • CLA-252 is not classified as dangerous for transport according to the international transport regulations and can be shipped by road, sea or air without any special precautions.
  • CLA-252 is in compliance with all main relevant US and EU regulations.

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