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CHP is a leading engineering company offering innovative state-of-the-art lubrication solutions. We deploy advanced technologies and methodologies to respond to the ever-increasing demand of our customers for higher line efficiency, more advanced sustainable lubrication solutions and reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO).


CHP is a one-stop shop company: we design, manufacture, install and service lubrication systems, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects.

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MicroDry® SLAT

MicroDry® SLAT creates a smooth, stable and microscopic film of DLT-333® on the top- and/or bottom-side of the conveyor belts; DLT-333® is applied through special maintenance-free dispensers, so no brushes, no spray nozzles. This unique direct-contact technology is used for PET bottles, glass bottles, cans, cardboard packages, jars, etc.


MicroDry® AIR

MicroDry® AIR creates a coating with DLT-333® through specific designed inserts that are integrated in the neck guiding strip of the air conveyors, so no brushes, no spray nozzles.


MicroDry® All-In-One 

The MicroDry® All-In-One distribution unit is a modular compact dispensing kit providing top- and bottom MicroDry® lubrication as well as external and internal belt cleaning.

MicroDry® Highest technical standard

MicroDry® is created as result of CHP’s different business model to provide state-of-the-art and sustainable technologies with the lowest operating cost.

Line efficiency

Using a MicroDry® AIR coating system on an air conveyor results in an average bottle jam reduction of 80% to even 100%, considerably improving the filler operating efficiency.

The majority of the customers do not need the “man with the stick” anymore.

Energy consumption

As the bottles can flow more smoothly through the conveyor, the blower fans need less air pressure. This results in an energy consumption reduction of 30% to 40%.

Lower filter replacement costs

Due to the reduced bottle speed and the reduced friction, much less PET wear dust is generated. Consequently the air filters will get less polluted and need less frequent replacement.

Fewer cleaning tasks

In a traditional air conveyor system, the bottle neck guides need to cleaned regularly, some even weekly. When using MicroDry® AIR this cleaning frequency can be reduced substantially.

Longer lifespan for neck guides and strips

MicroDry® AIR reduces wear on neck guides and strips, which results in a significantly extended lifespan of the wear strips.

Extreme low consumption of coating agent

Very limited amounts of DLT-333® are needed.

A 150m air conveyor with 7 sets of inserts, only needs about 3 lit. of DLT-333® per year (5 000 hrs/yr).