Leading worldwide Water group

“Productivity improvement results from our first DLAC installation exceeded our expectations.

We were told to expect at 50% to 70% reduction in jams, however, with the exception of gate jams, 100% of our bottle jams have been eliminated.

The primary benefit of the CHP product is increased line productively by eliminating bottle jams.  That alone resulted in very quick paybacks.  In addition, there was energy savings from blower fans, which now only need about half the air pressure to operate.  There are also savings from extended filter and neck guide life. We achieved a very quick payback by applying this system based upon the reduction of bottle jams and we got the added bonus of 45% fan energy reduction for free!  That’s real productivity gains and energy savings.”

European Brewery Group

“The CHP dry lubrication system has just been installed and we could already eliminate all our bottle jams; the friction has been reduced over 50%; we could achieve a high reduction on fan energy and an increase on our line efficiency.

These results are even more impressive because we were told by CHP that full performance will be achieved after 6 to 8 weeks.

Based upon these results we will certainly not have been our last cooperation with CHP.”