MicroDry™ Dispensing Technology

Direct contact principle :

Direct injection of very limited and adjustable quantities of the specified lubricant DLT-333Ò into the neck guide, generating an optimal and stable friction value.

The lubricant is applied through metering units, which dispense the lubricant to the neck guide at each lubrication cycle.

We can fully optimise the lubrication of each single air conveyors system through the lubrication frequency which is controllable per line and mainly determined by the type of neck guide and bottle.

We are familiar with all types of neck guides supplied by the OEM’s and have particular designed solutions for each type of air conveyors.

Important technical features of the MicroDry™ Dispensing technology for Air Conveyors:

  • Full dry microscopic thin lubricant film with no drop-off
  • Stable and very low friction value
  • Very effective lubrication (only friction area is lubricated)
  • Extreme low lubricant consumption
  • No aerosols
  • No product contamination
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Reduction of fan power
  • Increased life time of wear strip