Case studies

Since 2007, CHP equipped over 100 PET Air Conveyor lines with the MicroDry™ lubrication technology DLAC/DLT-333.

This specifically designed application was a spin-off activity of the MicroDry™ lubrication of mechanical conveyors (DLS-5000/DLT-333).

Particularly due too cost savings on raw material of the plastic containers and the introduction of uniquely shaped bottles, the air conveying efficiency at some customers becomes a real issue that has important impact upon the filler operating efficiency.

The DLAC solution primarily resolves up to 100% of the jamming issues related to friction, but allows our customers at the same time for important savings on fan-energy consumption, filter replacement costs and cleaning of the neck guides.

The filler operating efficiency can be measured in terms of “stops and failures in % loss on filler”; the rest % after implementation of DLAC/DLT-333 is mainly linked to mechanical issues on in-line equipment as f.ex. gate stations.

The same bottle output can be achieved by an important reduction of the fan energy thanks too the very low friction and the lower average pressure drop over the filters.

The frequency of cleaning and filter replacement is significantly reduced and is related to the reduction of wear dust of bottle and neck guide.

A leading International Concern in Soft drinks

6 PET Air Conveyors (650m) / Implementation in 2007

Filler operating efficiency2,05%(before DLAC: 3,52 – after DLAC: 1,47)
Energy savings on fans-42%
Cleaning rate-95%(before DLAC: weekly – after DLAC: 2x/yr)
Filter replacement costs-50%(before DLAC: 1x/2wk – after DLAC: 1x/mo)

A leading International Water Concern

2 PET Air Conveyors (520m) / Implementation in 2012

Jams per day-78%(before DLAC: 1 200 – after DLAC: 275)
Energy savings on fans-38%