Alongside the superior benefits on HSEQ and sustainability, the higher line efficiencies at a marginal operating cost makes our DLAC technology currently the best value proposition to the F&B industry.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our customers are committed to sustainability programs to reduce their environmental footprint related to water usage, energy consumption and waste production.

CHP’s DLAC MicroDry™ Lubrication helps the customer to reach these objectives.


  • Important reduction in wear-dust from the neck and guiding material
  • no exposure to aerosols that could be harmful for personal health
  • no traces of lubricant entering an empty bottle


  • less cleaning operations reduce the amount of manual interactions
  • reduced filter replacement activities
  • virtually no bottle jams anymore, so no manual interactions
  • completely dry working environment without slippery floors


  • reduced power consumption of driving motors (up to 45% reduction)
  • important reduction in pollution by wear-dust from bottle and guiding
  • significant reduction of waste (wastewater from cleaning and filter material)
  • micro lubrication offers a potential for downsizing the capacity of fan driving motors


  • increased package stability
  • a virtually jam-free conveying operation
  • the quality level of the lubrication equipment contributes to a reliable and durable performance level of the filling operation (lifetime over 10 years)
  • meets the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements


Thanks to the particular technological values of the DLAC system, the line efficiency can be maximised.

Various case studies during the last 5 years revealed important operational cost savings that can be summarised as following:


Productions stops due too bottle jamsup to – 100%
Energy costs of fansup to – 45%
Operational cost saving on cleaningup to – 90%
Operational cost savings on filter replacementup to – 50%
Replacement cost of guiding stripsup to – 75%

There is no need to close relative expensive service contracts to cover corrective and preventive maintenance, regular disinfection and lubricant deliveries.

We recommend closing a monitoring agreement for a half-yearly inspection including a visual check-up and control of parameter settings in the control unit ; if requested we adjust settings of parameters; each inspection is fully recorded and reported.

If customers subscribe to this agreement we offer following guarantees :

  • 5 year warrantee for delivery of parts against defective ones
  • reimbursement of lubricant cost exceeding the yearly maximum quoted volume

Based upon a lay-out, the actual operating costs and production rate, we can prepare a full quotation with cost savings and ROI.

Customer can realise very interesting payback periods from 6 to 12 months.