Leading worldwide Water group
Plant Manager

“ We were sceptical about the high cost savings and line efficiency increase we were advised could be achieved with the CHP technology; I must admit we achieved them all, increasing substantially our ranking on the inter-company performance rating list.”

Leading worldwide Dairy group
Technical Manager

“After a test on one of our packaging lines we could do nothing else but install the CHP equipment as soon as possible on all our filling lines; the savings and environmental/safety benefits in comparison with the other offered conventional technologies were simply too high to disregard. The maintenance free aspects make things even more interesting.”

Leading worldwide Brewery group
Technical Manager

“We organised a competitive trial with some main suppliers of dry lubrication systems on our high speed canning lines; only CHP could meet our requirements of line efficiency and generated also considerably cost savings on lubricant. The fully flexible top- and bottom lubrication reduced the amount of line breakdowns.”

Leading European OEM for bottling/canning lines
Conveyor Specification Manger

 “The technology of CHP for plastic slat conveyors is the best available on the market ; the OEM version with integrated conveyor cleaning has a very compact and professional design, is user friendly and has the best lubrication performance”

Leading American OEM for bottling/canning lines
Key Account Manager

CHP’s MicroDry™ system and DLT-333® dry lubricant is an effective solution that allows our customers to convey and palletize containers that would have otherwise required sophisticated controls and a multitude of costly drives.

The DLT-333® has made a huge improvement in container stability and line pressure.  Our customers can now effectively convey and accumulate uniquely shaped containers like inverse tapered bottles without tippage. In addition, our customers are impressed with cleanliness of the system.