MicroDry™ Dispensing Technology

Direct contact principle:

No high maintenance brushes or ineffective sprays


Direct injection of very limited and adjustable quantities of the specified lubricant DLT-333Ô into each individual friction surface generating an optimal and stable friction value.

Very limited quantities of lubricant are injected in the critical friction area’s :

  • Between the package and the belt (top lubrication)
  • Between the belt and the wear strip (bottom lubrication)

The lubricant is applied through adjustable metering units, which dispense the lubricant to the belt at each lubrication cycle.

The injection points are located as following :

  • For top lubrication of the belt we use a distribution unit in the return side of the conveyor
  • For bottom lubrication we micro-dose directly in the wear strip

We can fully optimise the lubrication of each single line through 2 parameters :

  • The lubrication frequency which is controllable per line and mainly determined by the type of package (see table)
  • The rate of the adjustable metering units per belt depending upon the positioning of each belt in the lay-out (filler outlet and in-liners mostly need very low friction, inlet conveyors of labeller and packer mostly need higher friction values)

These parameters are fixed at the commissioning and basically remain untouched during the operation of the line.

Important technical features of the DLS-5000 MicroDry™ Lubrication technology:

  • Full dry microscopic thin lubricant film
  • Stable and adjustable friction per belt
  • Very effective lubrication (only friction area is lubricated)
  • No aerosols
  • No product contamination
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Clean conveyors
  • Extreme low lubricant consumption

Specific Technical values

Top lubrication:

  • Adjustable and stable friction value between package and belt
  • Minimal backline pressure during mass transport
  • Important reduction or elimination of container tippage and damage
  • Making critical in-liners work smoothly
  • Negligible carry-over of lubricant, hence the stable friction value

Bottom lubrication:

  • Elimination of stick slip at higher loads
  • Increasing lifetime of belt and wear strip
  • Reduction of power consumption and start-up current of driving motors
  • Reduction of noise level

Application kit for new lines with integrated cleaning

For new filling and packaging lines supplied by OEM’s we developed our “all-in-one” dispensing technology.

The “all-in-one” distribution unit is a modular compact kit designed for each particular conveyor-type providing:

  • Top lubrication
  • Bottom lubrication
  • Inside cleaning
  • Outside cleaning

The conveyor cleaning is basically an option which is widely appreciated on the market :

  • A regular cleaning of product spills remains mandatory to secure the hygiene standard of the filling or packaging line
  • Some water released in fillers or other distribution equipment do affect some conveyor-strokes with bacterial growth
  • Manual cleaning interventions result in a considerable manpower cost
  • A manual cleaning inside the conveyor mostly requires a dismantling of the belts
  • The downtime of a manual cleaning operation reduces the overall line efficiency

These application kits can alternatively be delivered by CHP to the OEM concerned which pre-assembles these application kits whilst manufacturing the conveyors.

The cleaning agent can be :

  • Hot water (45°C to 55°C)
  • Foaming agent (rinsing/foaming/activation/rinsing/drying)

Cleaning units

We recommend following units for the supply of cleaning agents :

  • Mobile cleaning unit connected to the line with automatic processing of all cleaning sequences
  • Full automatic fixed cleaning unit for using foaming and/or hot water ; for bottling and canning lines the total routing from filler till packer(s) is split up into zones which are cleaned successively in a full automatic way

Lubrication control units

CHP developed 3 types of DLU pump- and control units to optimally meet the demands of the customer:

  • DLU-5000 for multi-lines with various capacities and/or different packages
  • DLU-5100 for dry lubrication of one or more identical type of smaller sized lines
  • DLU-5160 for specific small scale applications