Dry Lubricants

The CHP MicroDry™ lubrication equipment DLS-5000 and DLAC is operated with the Food Grade Dry Lubricant DLT-333.

This lubricant is very high performing and has following features :

  • FDA approved : NSF certified H1
  • Full stable (no separation) with a shelf life time of minimal 1 year
  • The microscopic thin layer is adhesive and water repellent
  • Negligible carry-over to the packages
  • Sustained migration and stress cracking tests on PET bottles
  • A minimal consumption in combination with the MicroDry™ technology

DLT-333 contains a particular designed additive package that has supplementary enhanced :

  • the oxidation resistance
  • the pressure resistance

For canning lines with twisted can conveyor strokes we developed the Dry Lubricant DLT-310 which is certified as NSF 3H-H1, suitable for applications with permanent food contact.

Based upon the long-time successful track record of this lubricant and the extensive testing programs at OEM’s, DLT-333 has become approved by the major OEM’s as Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc, Krones, Sidel (Gebo) and Alliance Industrial.

Thanks to the excellent penetration feature and the high lubrication efficiency, DLT-333 is been used regularly for chain lubrication (manually or in automated systems).

Approvals, certificates and data sheets :

On request we can submit per delivery :

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Declaration of Conformity

Delivery packages :

  • Unit package : 5 lit drum
  • Unit shipment package : carton case (2x5lit)



  • Unit package : 240 ml spray
  • Unit shipment package : carton case with 6x or 12x420ml (not suitable for airfreight)



  • For sample or test : 50 or 100 ml dispenser