MicroDry™ Lubrication

MicroDry™ Lubrication is not Dry Lubrication

MicroDry™ Lubrication is Next Generation of Dry Lubrication


CHP’s MicroDry™ Lubrication Technology
delivers the most
Productive and Sustainable Solutions

CHP invented and developed the first successful prototypes of MicroDry Lubrication equipment for mechanical conveying lines in 1997 and has since equipped over 1 200 lines worldwide for carton packaging, bottling (PET and glass) and canning in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry.

As the inventor of MicroDry Lubrication, CHP had from the beginning a unique business model : our core business is “engineering and assembling of high performing maintenance-free lubrication equipment with a guaranteed minimal lubricant consumption cost”; this differentiates us from the competitors with “dry lubrication” chemicals in their product portfolio.

Through the own designed unique dispensing and control technology we apply individually adjustable and extreme low quantities of the special lubricant DLT-333™.

This solution provides a superior and stable line efficiency at a minimal operating cost ; its design offers the customer a sustainable solution with the lowest ecological impact.

In addition, our DLAC technology for PET air conveyors in 2007 was one of our most significant developments enhancing the productivity of over 200 air conveyor lines.

In 2011, in close cooperation with a major OEM, a customised full integrated “dry lubrication and CIP” dispensing system was developed.

We offer a range of control units that allow us to propose the best solution for the specific line configuration in each individual packaging or bottling plant.

CHP has maintained a leadership position in the market through :

  • continuous developing and improving of our technology to meet the ever-increasing market demands for higher capacity lines and lighter packages
  • achieving specification and approval by major OEM’s and having our technology recognised as the solution for high speed lines
  • making our solutions fit for dusty environments which allows us to enter markets which are traditionally served by “wet” lubrication
  • integrating the conveyor cleaning in the application technology (optional “all-in-one” application kits)
  • developing innovations and new products for the food and beverage industry

CHP’s MicroDry Lubrication systems have been adapted by several major global OEM’s including Tetra Pak ,SIG Combibloc, Krones, KHS, Sidel (GeboCermex) and Alliance Industrial.

Various developments from CHP are IP protected. All parts are standardised and held on stock.

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CHP’s unmatched value proposition includes:

 An impressive and unique package of Benefits and warrantees, which reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Minimising the Ecological Footprint through a persistent attention for improving environmental, hygiene and safety conditions on the line

Engineering Sustainable solutions that result in a more productive and reliable conveying line.

Being innovative and using the most advanced MicroDry Lubrication Dispensing and Control Technology