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Solutions for

  • MicroDry™ Lubrication
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Bearing Lubrication
  • Machine Tool Lubrication
  • Rail Lubrication
  • Cable Lubrication
  • Compressor Lubrication
  • Packer Lubrication
  • Custom Made Applications

Lubricación MicroDry™

Lubricación MicroDry™
La siguiente generación de Lubricación Seca

Tecnología Superior en “mínima” dispensación (DLS5000 o DLAC)
Lubricante superior de alto rendimiento (DLT-333)

La solución más sostenible, con la más alta eficiencia de la línea.





CHP is happy to announce the investment in a high tech 3D printing machine located at our facility in Beveren.

The main objective is to design and manufacture smaller sized parts that can not be fabricated by conventional CNC machinery.

This investment will allow us to develop and manufacture newly designed down-sized application systems and to offer solutions that demand bespoke engineering.

So CHP will not only do proto-typing but the features of the printer will allow us also for 24/24hr production.