CHP has been awarded by Hansa Heemann in Germany


Hansa Heemann is one of the main bottling companies in Germany of carbonated waters and soft drinks.

Early 2014 we will equip 2 new high-speed PET lines with the CHP MicroDry™ Lubrication technology with full integrated automatic conveyor cleaning.

Hansa Heemann selected our sustainable and compact micro dry lubrication system for top- and bottom lubrication of the belts ; the guaranteed maximum consumption of DLT-333 (max. 10 lit/month of DLT-333 at 24/7) and the maintenance-free operation resulted in the highest ROI.

Through the automatic conveyor cleaning the customer will achieve a continuous high hygienic level without extra manpower. The modular and sectional design will allow individualising the cleaning frequency in specific conveyor area’s according the needs.

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